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Music and talks

Nile Band

The Nile Band was founded in 2005 by a group of Sudanese musicians living in Belgium. As the name suggests, the band finds inspiration in the river to perform and promote Sudanese art, culture, music and songs. Their repertoire includes songs and folklore from different Sudanese regions, to refect the variety and plurality of the country. The goal of this band is to introduce the world to this different kind of art and singing. The band’s songs include all kinds of singing, art and Sudanese folklore from all parts of Sudan in the north, south, east and west.

Anfas alzahar (Breath of Flowers)
Alwadaa (Goodbye)
Droob alshooq (Paths of longing)
Zenoba (Nubia girl)
Jamal alNail (The beauty of the Nile)

Voice and percussions | Mudawi Madani
Percussion | Osama Mohammad Gismallah
Guitar | Haytham Musa
Keyboards | Jonas de Rave
Bass | Helder Roberto Sequeira Godinho

Presentation: Alia Mossallam – Socialism as a river. Constructions of the Aswan High Dam through lyrics

Presentation: Daniel Soliman – The Temple of Taffeh: Crossroads of Cultures

Presentation: Azeb Amha – The Nile in old Amharic popular songs

Presentation: Abebe Yirga Ayenalem – The Songs of the Nile: from A’bay to the GERD

Presentation: Amal- Guermazi – The Nile and the High Aswan Dam in Youssef Chahine’s cinema